Sunday, October 28, 2012

Made Preparations

Seems company is on the way.....
The first effects of Sandy are expected in our area by the morning. School has already been canceled, all town offices will be closed, and we've been asked to stay off the roads. It was, however, the  widespread power outages we are expected to have that had me hustling the most today. Last year this time we lost power for almost a week due to that freak snow storm and what sticks most in my mind from that time is the unbelievable pile of laundry that accumulated (of course it didn't help that I already had an overflowing hamper going into the storm.) 
And so today, in addition to braving the grocery aisles, clearing the yard, and outfitting the flashlights, I washed every single piece of dirty laundry in this house!!!

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  1. We did this as well. Well, I didn't do all of the laundry, but I wish I daughter usurped the machine with HER laundry yesterday.