Saturday, October 6, 2012

Made A Trip Down Memory Lane

I can't begin to tell you how excited this jumble of papers made me today. I was looking for some "old" pictures the kiddies needed for a school project. By "old" I mean pre-digital and as such it required some physical digging around in the basement. There's a deep dark corner down there dedicated to the storage of all those photos, clippings, school papers, tickets stubs, and everything else I had once planned to organize into scrapbooks. It was within the everything else category that these were found.
Years and years ago when I worked as a "domestic" (aka kitchen maid) I was responsible for tracking the menus and collecting the recipes for future reference. At the end of each summer I would take all the scraps of notes and rewrite them into a big binder to be stored on site in the kitchen. I never thought much about it at the time because it was all so familiar to me but years later, as the recipes began to fade from my memory, I'd often wished I'd saved those scribbled pages. Things like chicken hash, sorrel soup, and kedgeree became a mystery and beyond my ability to recreate. But not anymore!
 Seems I had practiced some mild hoarding tendencies in the early 90's and saved these trash scraps for who knows what? Could I have planned to scrapbook them? No matter now, the fact that I've got them in hand is amazing and requires no additional embellishment to emphasize what a treasure they are to me. Kedgeree anyone?

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  1. What treasures! Scrapbooking...another reason to hoard things collectively in case, one day, maybe, will get around to it. you never know what you will find in dark corners.