Thursday, November 29, 2012

Made An Announcement

One of my very favorite days is right around the corner. Can you guess what it is?
St. Nicholas Day!!!
In honor of this jolly old gift giver's special day we indulge ourselves in a few fun traditions. First of all we gather up some boxwood clippings to decorate the table with and bring this little fellow out of the china cupboard as our welcome guest for the month of December. After a meal by candle lite we share a pot of tea, slice into some Dundee cake, and help the kids set out their shoes by the door in hopes of finding a few trinkets dropped in by morning. Great Fun!
This year I'm going to add something else to the day. I had planned to participate in the whole Cyber Monday extravaganza by hosting a sale in the shop. Somewhere along the way, however, I got sidetracked and missed the event. I felt terrible but not for long because I realized I could still host a sale on another day of MY choice. And so I will come December 6th!!! I'll actually let it run for several days so everyone has a chance to peek through and perchance have a go at playing like St. Nick and stock up for some gift giving (even if it's to yourself!)


  1. We celebrate too! I have a wooden St. Nicholas who is at the ready and don't forgets the chocolate coins (do you do that part?) We also make good wishes for our friends and family....

    I'll have to check out your sale! : o)

    1. Ha! We started with chocolate coins but now the little darlings look for the real thing! This year, however, I've got plans to outwit them.....a $5 bill a piece along with the stipulation that they spend it on someone else!!!