Thursday, November 15, 2012

Made By Grandma

 Sadly, it's been far to long since this latch has been opened.
 For inside this trunk is a delightful treasure.
 Using Tasha Tudor's book A is for Annabelle as her guide, my mom found a sweet china doll and proceeded to created each and every accessory described in the book to go along with her. The entire ensemble was then gifted to my Dear Daughter (AKA-teen #2) on her forth birthday.
Isn't the cloak adorable and cozy?
 I'd forgotten about the ribbons for her hair. I want some ribbons for my hair now too!
 My very favorite of all, however, is the wee little locket.....
.....for tucked inside is a remembrance of  Teen #2 when she was still our Baby Girl.


  1. I love it. What wonderful idea and a wonderful grandma. A real treasure. Eli xx

  2. Totally agree with Flutterby Patch...this is an exquisite much fun for Grandma too when putting it all together. Thanks for sharing...Becky Jo

  3. Such a beautiful and extraordinary gift! I have this delightful book; now I need to pull it out and enjoy it once again :-)

    Truly precious beyond price.


  4. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sure to share it with a special doll!

  5. This has inspired me to get to the making of the clothes for my Annabelle Doll who has a darling old trunk. Your mother did such an incredible job with the miniature exquisitely detailed treasures. I must follow along with you! I am a dear friend and follower of DSJ:)

    1. So delighted to have you pop in for a visit...especially since your kindness brought me down the path to a quaint Victorian cottage known as Grammie's House! What and amazing visit I had back through time with you. Will be looking forward to following your further adventures!