Saturday, November 17, 2012

Made for a Lovely Day

It truly was the loveliest of days. Annabelle was well received, the Dundee cake was devoured along with the most delicious gingerbread cookies, and the presentation given by John Hare was amazing. Eventually other attendees began to share stories of  programs they had attended at which Tasha Tudor herself gave the talk. Their tales made me drool!
The most surprising part of the day, however, concerned the sales table. I was shocked to realize I already had my own copies of almost everything on display! At first I was embarrassed of such excess but then decided an air of gratitude would be a much more positive response. And in this better frame of mind an unexpected discovery was made.....
Teeny, Tiny Tasha Tomes!
 What luck to have The Doll's Christmas included in the collection!
Now Lily Red and I can both turn our attention to the holiday season ahead!

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  1. Natalie Jo, how perfectly delightful! I have several of Tasha's 'full size' books, but love the idea of doll size Tasha books! Such a lovely way to spend the weekend :-)