Thursday, November 8, 2012

Made Me Steal

 It was a good idea I had last summer when I decided to steal away one afternoon and pick up a copy of this book at the store. I'd seen it at the mall, one of my very least favorite spots to hang out. But since the Newbury Comics there is one of teen #1's favorite spots to hang out and be cool in, I was along for the ride....and I do mean literally "for the ride" since I am the one that has to drive him there. Knowing that it's not easy to be cool with your mom in tow I tend to hang towards the front of the store, far enough away from the hip action but close enough to the register so that parental approval can discretely be given (or not) should a video game purchase require such an OK.

On this one particular day a display table full of books was up front....comic  book compendiums of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones everything including a cookbook, Hunger Games galore, and this. This little snippet of a book that caught my attention, haunted me for several days after, and ultimately broke my resistance that led me to steal away that one afternoon.

And I've been stealing ever since.
 Stealing moments here and there to read it.
Stealing it off dear hubby's night table to read it again.
Stealing quotes for sticky notes now posted everywhere.
In the process of reading it I've come to appreciate the benefits of creative stealing. It can provide inspiration, foster artistic fellowship (even if its only in your mind), and when practiced routinely can provide the groundwork upon which your own adaptations can be built. I do believe I've always stolen and assume I will continue to do so.
In fact, I recently "stole" two of  Kleon's ideas-
1. Get Yourself a Calendar
2. Start a Logbook
I tried them both independently for awhile as seemed to be his practice but over time they have morphed into one which, for the time being, works brilliantly at keeping my mind not only organized but  interested and motivated as well.
What Now?
For you.....might I suggest have yourself a gander at this book.
For me....I'm leaning towards his suggestion to "Take a Nap."


  1. Someone new to investigate, thank you.

  2. I've been pondering the purchase of this book too but I thought I'd wait as #1 son mentioned an interest. Then I could borrow his:)

  3. Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do! Steal away!!!