Thursday, November 1, 2012

Made Myself a Quandry

 Today being November 1st I thought it might be wise to get a head start on the upcoming holiday season. With the found Christmas prints, a few seasonal pincushions were easily prepped up for my handwork basket. And just because I was feeling a bit jolly in the process I decided to share my tea time with some seasonal magazines from years past.
 I've never really thought about my "Holiday Style" before but am wondering if I should put more effort into it? As if dragging those twenty some tattered boxes of decorations in and out of the attic every year weren't enough effort?!!
 Making our home up for the holidays should be fun, right?  I'm just not sure how shiny and bright it should be, goodness knows I don't want to feel as if I'm at the mall 24/7!
 An upcycled holiday, however, I'm worried would be a bit too brown.
 Sparkling is good, like a sugar plum fairy or falling snowflakes.
 In fact, who doesn't like the thought of a winter wonderland?
 We could pretend we were in Vermont.
 Or even better...Russia!!!
 Whatever I do I want to make sure I don't set myself up for unattainable goals like trying to make it the "Best."
Or the "Happiest." Talk about stress!
 Even things like "handcrafting" Christmas can easily go awry and become an ugly competition for ....
 .....The Most Creative Holiday Ever! UGH!!!
 Simple should be the way to go, but does it really take 151 fresh ways to celebrate a "simple holiday?"
 Maybe it does,  because if you want to upscale to "glorious" you have to take on 217 ideas.
Magical,  however, I do believe is out of the realm for the common human being for how could it even be possible to orchestrate 437 ways without a sorcerer's touch?

Alas, with my tea long cold and my head in a quandary, I ask you how best to put both comfort and joy into the upcoming holiday season.....


  1. I too stroll through the old Christmas mags. My secret for enjoying the decorating thing is to create what I like. No one else pays much attention to the decorations, so each year I shift things around and usually buy something I really like, big or small, cheap or not too expensive. I'm a sparkly fan as well but in my old age am learning to be more ...discerning (ha, ha, ha).

  2. Thanks Del...I do think a bit of shifting is in order this year! And you are right, no one does seem to notice so why not do what I like!