Friday, November 23, 2012

Made a Proclamation

 Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Christmas Countdown!
In preparation for the upcoming holiday hoopla I thought a workshop might come in handy. 
 The perfect location was no further away than our southern facing sun room.
 My co-Christmas elf extraordinaire even gets his own spot known from this point on as "Dear Hubby's Cubby!" While he may be lacking the instinct to feather his nest with seasonal bric-a-brac.....
.....his artistic talent was certainly out in full force!

 I on the other hand frittered away the afternoon with some serious doll play!
 And once I did finally settle down to work..... was only with an eye to clipping snippets.


  1. Oh my, what a beautiful sketch, very talented.

    You are in full swing. Haven't even dragged out my decorations yet and they are usually up by now, tich, tich.

  2. Well Del, I wouldn't actually say "full swing." One room down and the whole house to go an before it can be decorated I suppose I should do something with the dust bunnies!