Saturday, November 10, 2012

Made Sense

I awoke this morning with steadfast determination to keep to my weekend list.
Here it is in case you missed it...
Turn off the alarm clock
Keep a basket of handwork nearby at all times
Cozy up with a bichon
Read about Tasha Tudor
Ponder Christmas
Have a mug up
And it was, I want you to know, to the rising sun and not the ringing alarm to which I awoke. As I rolled out of bed, the bichon was scooped up in one arm leaving the other free to snag my handwork basket as I tiptoed through the sewing nook and headed downstairs to put the kettle on. By the time puppy and I had attended to business out of doors the water had boiled for my first mug up of the day! Within minutes I was sipping away in the company of Harry Davis's book The Art of Tasha Tudor.
Or at least I was until page 7 on which I read that, "She is notoriously slow-paced and something of a procrastinator, at least with commissioned or contractual art." Hmmm...I had my own share of such so called "commissioned" work awaiting me. Should I be attending to it instead of hanging out in the cozy chair? Was I procrastinating? It wouldn't be the first time that's for sure! The one thing I did know is that I would not be able to enjoy my weekend until I evaluated the situation and got some answers.
 First things first, I gathered up all the goodies pertaining to outstanding orders, arranged them on a tray, made a list of each and every one, and then.....I went back to stealing!
 Thank goodness for my new favorite guru, Austin Kleon! This post by him and its tips for achieving guiltless free time is amazing. I wasn't shy about stealing his concept and by doing so assured myself that all the "commissions" could be completed in a timely manner without practicing a nose to the grindstone approach. I'm so happy.....and so is my nose because it's so much more pleasant to have it in a book!


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