Friday, December 28, 2012

Made By Dear Hubby

 I seem to be in a creative funk.
A melancholy in the "made" department.
 I'm thinking it might be a post Christmas thing.
Or perhaps it's a stagnant pause while waiting for the New Year to arrive.
What ever the cause, fear not, it's not contagious.
For while I wallow in woe dear hubby has found his creative mojo!
Oil pastels have been practically flying out of his sketchbooks this past week.
I came home this evening to the one above.
And I'm in love with it!
 This is my favorite part!
 This is my second favorite part.
 This is my least favorite part.
It's being gifted away in the near future.....but not to me.
Not that I was slighted in the gifting department mind you.
 Look here what I found under the tree Christmas morning compliments of, you guessed it,
dear hubby himself! The icing on the cake was the fact that it came accompanied by a miniature hand written novel featuring this very same sumptuous onion portrait. Considering this, I dare say I am far from lacking.....therefore I must simply be greedy.
 (And some of that mojo too while your at it.)


  1. I love it too !! . . . you CAN have them all . . . take photos of everything he does . . . then have prints made by Shutterfly !! . . .

    Happy New Year !!

    1. Took some pictures today and will so again once the sun returns. Have yet to try out Shutterfly but this just may be the inspiration to do so....thanks Cheryl!!!

  2. Wow! absolutely beautiful!!! I may have to commission one of his works for my own. Tell Dave he can come create in my yard anytime he wants :)
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Natalie!

    1. Careful of such an invite Suzanne....your yard is so picturesque he just may never leave and the next thing you know he'll be hosting pizza throw downs in your driveway!!!

      Happy New Year right back to your bunch from our bunch!!!

  3. Your husband's pastels are wonderful, Natalie Jo! I wouldn't want to give them up either.

    Maybe your creative muse just needs a bit of a breather. When this happens to me, I read a good book; either a new one by a favorite author, or and old favorite.

    I hope the New Year answers all your hopes.


    1. I have taken your advice and picked a well read Montgomery book off the shelf. A good portion of this snowy afternoon was spent within its pages and I must say it was a very welcome palce to be. Can't wait to return tomorrow!

      Thanks so much Beth for kindness...

      natalie jo