Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Made It Home

We had what turned out to be a wonderful white Christmas up in New Hampshire. It was just white enough to make it snow globe pretty but not drastic enough to cause complications. Such is, however, not the case with the storm currently creeping towards us. We are home now in time to avoid the foot or so expected just over the border from us but our local prediction for freezing rain and high winds has me fearing the worst.....power outage! Far more often than I care to remember, the loss of power has frequented our neck of the woods. Each "off the grid adventure" adds a lesson learned to our repertoire so that by now we've become expert power outage preppers! Candles and flashlights at hand....this one's easy. Charge cell phones....fairly obvious. Stock up on dry goods.....we're lucky to have a gas stove so soups and pastas are a breeze. DON'T stock the fridge.....this was a very expensive learning curve! Fill your car with gas.....I'd always heard this one but never really knew why until the time I didn't fill up and was embarrassingly surprised to realize stations without power could not pump gas into your car. Clothes washed and more importantly DRIED.....a washed load left in the washer is far from clean or fresh smelling several days later! Needless to say I'll be spending a portion of my evening washing, drying, folding, and keeping my fingers crossed it will all be for naught come tomorrow morning.....

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