Thursday, December 6, 2012

Made Santa Cozy

It turned out to be a very good thing that my mom shared a bit of her holly with me the other day because when I went out to clip the boxwood branches I discovered dear hubby had trimmed them quite tidy (like within an inch of their lives tidy!) Worried the poor things will freeze out their without any extra layers I only dared snip the tiniest of sprigs. No matter, it was more than enough to make good ole St. Nick snug and cozy in his sleigh.
I was able to snag a few minutes after the dinner dishes for one more cuppa and a sliver of Dundee which proved the perfect ending to this St. Nicholas Day! The best thing about sitting there with my goodies was that I remembered something I saw earlier today and wanted to share with you....or at least those of you that might be interested in a turkey red antique tablecloth! One such cloth is being offered in a giveaway over yonder at Rookery Ramblings. I've already entered but if you've a hankering to do the same look no further than the top of my sidebar up there on the right. They offered a handy little button you could post and so I just did!
Good Luck!!!


  1. Hi Natalie . . .

    just wanted to tell you I read your blog almost every day . . . just don't always have time to comment . . . but please keep writing !!

    you give me inspiration !! . . . hope to see you this saturday at handwork gathering . . . !!

    1. I wouldn't miss next Saturday for the world! I'll be toting along some scones and probably a few tissues just in case...