Saturday, December 1, 2012

Made Up The Tree

Yup we've got our tree all decked out. Unfortunately when we finally averted our eyes from it's glorious shimmer and glimmer it was only to discover we had somehow totally trashed the rest of the house in the process. Guess I know what's on the agenda for tomorrow!


  1. So envious! I haven't done any decking the halls or hauling out of the holly! Maybe once #2 is feeling better and I can maneuver better on crutches (or hopefully OFF crutches) we shall "put up the tree before my spirit falls again"! Happy holiday season and Merry Christmas!

    1. Cute video Suzanne! Today however, I'm feeling as if I need a little less Christmas! Events turned to a near down and out riot last night over the fact that our colored (and don't forget flashing)tree lights were no longer with us. I happened to have a few extra strings of plain old white lights which I used instead only to be verbally chided for the rest of the evening as to their ugliness. Really!!? The disco tree meant that much to them?

      By morning I couldn't stand it so by afternoon I found myself in Christmas Tree Shop purchasing several strings of multi colored lights. Of course in order to swap them out we will first have to undecorate the tree. And then soon after restringing it we'll be back at the ornaments for the second time in so many days!

  2. Make the complainers do it! Holy moly! Good luck with that, so sorry to hear :(