Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FUNctional Space

 Having a little Etsy shop is great. You get to make things, you come in contact with interesting people, and when you earn a little money you get to spend it in other Esty shops!!! Having to keep records for your little Etsy shop however is another story. Sales must be tracked, expenses logged in, sales taxes paid up (good ole Massachusetts!) and the cost of goods sold must be calculated. Having a designated area in which to conduct such necessary business is a blessing, but one which I had begun to poo poo. Over the course of last year my desk had become one giant paperwork magnet and I dreaded hanging out there. More often than not I could be found dragging my laptop here, there, and everywhere just to escape the visible reminder of my own personal paperwork purgatory.
Nope, now is the time to put the "FUN" back into functional.
First things first..... I emptied everything out of the area.
Except for this.
It's the front of a Christmas card I received from dear hubby's grandmother many years ago and I've had it hanging around (quite literally) ever since. For me it has a certain quiet and clarity about it that I find very peaceful.
I let the space sit for several days with nothing more added.
Instead I spent a good amount of time thinking.
The little bit of action I did perform involved alot of pinterest peeking and just enough research to find myself a much easier bookkeeping system. 
Once I'd had my fill of empty space the first thing I added was my trusty old shelf, a length of yarn as a reminder of the garland I want to make, and a personal touch that was surprisingly fun to do.
I'd never would have had the nerve had it not been for the fact that the walls in this room are in desperate need of  being repainted.
We've been debating colors off and on but not yet found our "creative compromise!"
Our indecision was a blessing in disguise because had the walls been pristine and freshly painted I never in my wildest dreams would have......
.....taken a pen to them and scripted a quote.
Granted I wrote tiny in this instance but I don't think I'd be opposed to trying it again on a larger scale. And maybe even on freshly painted walls, OH MY!
Gradually items have begun to migrate through. Those that meet with my new standards of being either fun or functional get to stay. The basket for instance will function as handy storage for digital goodies such as camera, cords, and USB keys. The shelf is for fun as I intend to have it host rotating assemblies of inspiration. And the new Mollie Makes calendar? That one's a 2fer! Obviously functional but oh so fun when you decide to record a happy event from each day's passing.
The plan is to keep this space an equal balance of function and inspiration, not just for this week or this month but for the entire year ahead. I'll be popping back occassionally with updates, alterations, and of corse that garland I intend to make!


  1. Oh my goodness...I need to do this in my whole house. Nice job!

  2. Thank you oodles!!! Our houses must be twins because goodness knows the rest of mine needs it too...I keep telling myself I'll get it all done eventually!

  3. Ooh la la, so FUNctional. I do like the handwriting on the wall, nice touch.

    1. Thank you kindly Del! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! natalie jo