Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Heaven

 Currently, I am in "Little" heaven.
 Shop-wise I've been stitching a little this.....
 .....and a little that.
 Even a little work on a new Lily found its way into the mix.
 And even though little stitches of all sorts always seem to thrill me, it was the arrival of this book that has been the catalyst to send me totally head over heels into the truly divine world of tiny.
 I'm attempting to devour it in very little bits to savour the images,
 the words,
and the tremendous ability it has to inspire me to tackle a few tiny tasks just for me!


  1. Oh my GOSH!!! Your new Lily is being made out of from the exact fabric I am using to make my new bed're killing me!!!! Can't wait to meet her :)

    1. NO WAY!!! I love that's going to make up into a beautiful and very cheery quilt! I can't wait to see it:)

  2. Small is so delightful :-)