Saturday, May 18, 2013


So....with the arrival of spring  I find myself working more and more in the sun room. For one thing it's warm enough now to spend time in this unheated space and for another I've been adapting  my creative set up a bit. Cosmetically it appears nothing more than a swap out of knick knack accoutrements...a different painting, an alternate table runner, and some new fillers for the jars. At least that's what I intended to show. But then, last Monday I read a new post by Austin Kleon called Show Your Work and it made me stop and think. I've been thinking ever since.

I've been thinking about Kleon's reference to "authenticity."
I've been thinking about the past.
I've been thinking about the future.
I've been thinking about the way I create,
the way I blog,
and the way I keep house. 
I've been thinking about doing less,
doing more,
and doing what's fun.
And weirdest of all I've been thinking about this space.
Everyday when I step out here to "work" it looks like this.
Several hours into the process it's a shambles...thread tails and scrap clippings, tea cups and crumbs, piles and puddles galore.
everyday before I step out of this space I tuck it all away and it looks like this once again.

Well it's certainly NOT because I want the room to be company ready 24/7!
Nope, with dear hubby's cubby on the opposite wall such a feat would be near impossible as his creative station is a continual "work in progress."

Inspirational reference lies within easy reach...

and pastels are always at hand...

which allows him to dabble at this...
and that in a moment's notice.

By comparison my space seems nothing more than a collection of supplies neatly stored,


or stacked.

A place for everything and everything in its place is all well and good, but I'm thinking it might not be enough.  It's stifling to creativity and limiting to blog postings. The showing of supplies is nothing more than a projection into the future while the reveal of finished pieces is a retelling of the past (at least for me it is.) I'm missing the immediacy of last year's "Made" project. Looking back it was fun and it helped to keep my focus on the moments at hand....something that very well might be worth revisiting in some way. Not in terms of "Made" and definitely not with the daily obligation but perhaps along the lines of Kleon's "show your work."


  1. I like the new blog look...very fresh. Makes me want to do something with mine. I enjoyed your Made project and I was amazed at how you posted everyday but that can also be creatively stifling too. It's hard to post everyday. I tried it once and it became stale quick:) Maybe you should pick a day and do a regular "Work In Progress" post or a "New Finishes" post.

    My space looks like yours. Everyday I make my mess and then I tidy it away after I'm finished. It's a compulsive thing. I like a nice clean space to start with the next day because that's just my thing:)

    1. YES!!! Compulsive is the word! I definitely have a tendency towards it whether it be cleaning up certain areas or setting myself up to blog everyday. Going to try a more "relaxed" approach by proclaiming weekends OFF!!! Well, off from the computer at least since creative endeavours are just too much fun!

      And speaking of creative endeavours....I can't wait to see your Princess and the Pea!

  2. Hi Natalie . . .

    your jars of "body parts" gave me a good chuckle . . . they remind me of when my friend, Darlene, and I go to Boston for genealogy research . . . we always say we're "going to look for dead bodies" . . . LOL . . .

    I LOVE your sunroom space . . . it's perfect !!

    ME . . .

    1. Hmmm.....I'm thinking you could reanimate your ancestors by giving them clothespin bodies and bead heads!!!

  3. Hi Natalie,

    I have a small room all to myself and even though there is lots of 'stuff' in it, it is all stacked and packed. I finally decided a few months ago to stop tidying up. I like to do different crafts and often never get around to certain projects, so I decided to turn my room into a bomb site. No one goes in there except me and the dogs and I am enjoying the chaos. I move from sewing, to beading, to embroidery to writing and a little smidgen of tidying up. The rest of the house is neat and tidy but this one room is enjoyable mess.

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  5. I am green with envy Del! Your room sounds to be the perfect environment for creative adventures. An "enjoyable mess" does seem the route to go....thanks for the peek into your world! natalie jo