Sunday, September 22, 2013


So....all I wanted to do was make a self lining pillowcase for dolls.
Working out the details of this little pillow project had me puzzled more often than not this past week. Typical of my nature I made things far more difficult that they had to be. It wasn't until Friday afternoon that I finally had one of those light bulb moments and all was revealed! I was astounded by the simplicity of the steps I would need follow in order to achieve my desired results and honestly felt quite stupid for not having realized them from the get go. I was, however, smart enough to write out those simplistic steps so that next time my brain will have an easy go of it. I was also smart enough to see there was a life lesson in this past week's pillow project.
The steps needed to achieve most anything in life are often quite easier than I predict them to be.
That's it...that's what a little pillowcase taught me.
My predictions of complication manifest themselves over and over again into reality. Most recently I infected my "Cottage Quest" endeavor by creating such an enormous mountain of to-do lists that I  completely overwhelmed myself. No time for a game of cards with that thing hanging around. So guess what I did this weekend?
I threw it out.
Every bit of it.
The list on the fridge...GONE!
The pages in my day-timer...GONE!
The mini notebook in my purse...GONE!
The army of sticky notes throughout the house...GONE!
But I'm still here.
So what's next?


  1. More pillows? With dolly quilts to match?

    1. Yes more pillows are in the works...and dolly quilts would not be a bad idea either!!!