Friday, November 15, 2013

Patchwork Plans

 Up in the sewing nook earlier this week a very scary realization came upon me...
it's beginning to look
like the holidays
will be here
 I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and goodness knows there are a lot of rough patches all throughout the house that need to be put into an order of one sort or another.
 Now by no means do I expect complete perfection.
Realistically, if I can stitch up the rough edges I do believe I'll have a solid enough surface
upon which to stage not only that feast of thanks....
 ...but oodles of Christmas festivities as well!!!
 If someone had asked me last summer what I expected to be blogging about during the holidays I'd have optimistically said "Christmas in a Summer Cottage." Now such a thought has me laughing all the way to Savers every week as I continue dashing around in my declutter and donate phase. I've actually accepted the fact that the underling aesthetic of the house will be lacking when it comes time to deck the halls and trim the tree.
It won't be the end of the world.
 I'll simply bind things up as best as I can...
and make the best I can out of a very
Patchwork Christmas!

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  1. Your work is absolute perfection, my dear! You make me want to sew again..pinking shears and supplies ordered:)