Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day Eleven - Wrap it Up

It's official.
I've wrapped my first gift of the season!

The little bird was completed earlier today in an alternate color combo but filled with a smidge of the same bouquet of Pickity Place lavender.

All that's left now is to send it on it's way to Fairie Moon which means tomorrow I'll be headed to the what is probably the second busiest place in the world this time of year...
the post office!!!
(Number One of course being Santa's Workshop.)


  1. Your little "Birdie" looks very special all tucked in it's cozy wrap and the recipient will think so, too!


    1. Thanks so much Carolyn...right now, however, it's so cold here I wish it was me all tucked in and cozy wrapped!!!

  2. I am sorry about the post office, but oh so excited to receive my little package...I might have to leave it wrapped under the tree to open Christmas Day...

    ...or not!

    1. Oh don't be sorry about the post's actually one of my favorite places to visit as we have the happiest postman in the world that works there. You always walk out with a smile and an optimistic air! And as far as the package hoeas, I vote for "...or not!"