Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day One - Tree Nite

 We decided to welcome  December with our annual Tree Nite celebration. First things first, the tree is retrieved from the wee corners of the basement, assembled, lit with twinkle lights, and adorned with trinkets.
 "Elf" became a family favorite years ago and ever since has been set to play in the
background during the festivities.
 By the time the New Yorkers in the movie start singing Christmas carols to keep Santa's sleigh afloat most of the decorating has been completed and a round of winter Oreos is enjoyed by all. Well, almost all. Our wee Bichon never seems to get his fair share in this department and he can't quite seem to figure out why...
.....especially since he always does his part to decorate the tree!


  1. Well thankyou. You gave me a push of inspiration this morning. I am finding it hard to get into the decorating mood this year. My second daughter married this summer and it is me and the boys (13,15 and 22) and hubby home. I miss the female presence and the planning and conspiring we used to do. But your bright cheery blog perked me up! I hadn't read it in a while so I did some catching up. Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding Anita! It will be a change for you this Christmas I'm sure. I too find a female presence helps to make the preparations merrier! It's not that my sons don't participate, it's just that they do so primarily AFTER the food has been cooked, the decorations scattered and the presents wrapped! They have great timing!!!

  3. Even little Sophia (my human female presence;) "helped" as the decorations were pulled out of boxes and bins...she took over with the ribbons:) ...they were EVERywhere!! But she was so excited to see twinkling lights when she awoke from nap time. I love seeing other families' traditions...we love that movie:) Poor little puppy...they just don't get it, do they?
    Merry Blessings,