Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Stressful Situation

  I decided my red velvet tuffet needed some distressing. Not a lot, just enough to make it look as if it had a history to it. So with tuffet in one hand and gruff sandpaper in the other I plopped myself down in front of the telly to catch up on BBC's Sherlock. In the time it took Watson and Sherlock to reunite, solve the mystery, and save London I discovered sandpaper had little to no effect on velvet.
Go figure!
 No fear, I'd recently acquired a tiny dremel set that came with an assortment of attachments to file and sand with. The telly went off, the power switch went on, and.....
 ....the distressing got a bit out of control!
Worn is one thing, moth eaten something else entirely.
 Some of the tying threads even became casualties in the process. Not good.
But now, several days later, I have a new best friend in the distressing department.
Can you see his work in progress here? Maybe just a bit? I'm finding it difficult to take close ups of the work. Whether it's the velvet of the vibrant red I'm not sure. I just know it looks a whole lot better in person and I'm hoping you'll take my word for it!

Anyway, meet Mr. Razor Blade. He's quite the handy fellow.

Maybe you can see the results of his employment a tad better here.
Hope so!

Worn velvet achieved I'm on to my next case...aging the color.
Logically I guessing fading it in the sunlight would be the best bet but since the sun is currently hidden with falling snow I might as well explore some other routes in the meantime.
First up...a tea bath.

The kids saw it this morning and thought I was back to making my strange Polish fare.
"Yep," I said "It's Velvet Soup!"


  1. Velvet soup, sounds too good. I've never had much luck distressing something, unless you count leaving something in driveway for my husband to back that going too far?

    1. If it was velvet I don't think so...that stuff is indistructable!

  2. Haha! The only thing I've ever managed to distress is, quite possibly my parents!
    Thai is a wonderful idea, Natalie Jo. Red velvet is beautiful but can look a little over-bright. It ages well over a period of decades, but who has time to wait for that/
    I've been catching up on blog reading. With no power since before Christmas, I've had to be frugal with battery power for the laptop when I could get it so have only just read about your 30 minutes a day of something new project. What a GREAT idea - I'm inspired. Thank you!

    1. I've been a bad blog reader recently too but I do recall seeing a very sweet dollhouse over in your neck of the woods. Hope it's giving you oodles of entertainment!