Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Heart Austin Kleon!

Let me start by saying my new project "Something Small, Every Day" is going very well. For all of January and now almost a week into February I have devoted at least 30 minutes a day to the pursuit of an endeavor I've wanted to try for a very, very long time now. Previously I had thought it "too hard," "too time consuming," and yes "too beyond my capabilities." The inspiration to even have a go at the first 30 minute stint on my endeavor came from none other than my favorite creative guru guy Austin Kleon. The post that convinced me can be found HERE....I highly suggest you read it.
I really wasn't going to say much about this new know just in case it bombed out on me or something. I does however seem to be doable and actually quite fun. Supplies I thought would be difficult to source practically fell in my lap, tools I didn't know existed magically appeared, and the ideas wouldn't stop coming. While I'm still not prepared to reveal all the nitty gritty details, I have been inspired to share some tidbits. And the source of this new inspiration to share....why Austin Kleon of course! Today he had this NEW POST about the upcoming March 6th release of his book, "Show Your Work!" I was so excited!
 I've known about this book coming out for some time now, but today's offer to pre-order a book and have it signed by him was too good to be true. Not just his name mind you, but with your name to. Wow! Austin Kleon would write "to natalie jo" inside a book just for me. I was a millisecond away from submitting my order when I realized it would take up to a week longer to have my book delivered. Hmmm...the book in my hands on the 6th or my name in the book, what was I to do? I sat there staring at the cover of the book on my computer screen for several minutes waiting for my gut instinct to kick in.
Eventually it did...but not in the way I expected!
Suddenly I forgot all about the physical book and focused instead on the message of the book,
And so that's what I'm going to do. For the next month I'll post snippets of my work in progress. A little here and a little there. And then, on March 6th, I'll have a reveal of sorts to coincide with Kleon's release. That's right, whether I bomb out or not I will show where I'm at in full.
But for'll only get a peek at some red velvet, which by the way is oh so soft to work with!


  1. I am on a roll so far this year in the finishing department. Decided I will finish all the little things that have stacked up and yes, taking it one day at a time. Looking forward to your red velvet something. And thank you for introducing me to Austin Kleon.

    1. Good for you in the finishing department! That's something I need to do one of these days....

      I delighted to hear Austin Kleon has made your acquaintance, he is so much fun to read and quite inspiring along the way.

      Happy Sewing!