Sunday, February 23, 2014

While I Waited

 I do believe the process of tea staining requires more patience than I can muster. So while the "soups" simmered I decided to venture on into another aspect of my little project. This time, however, it involved a bit of deconstruction.
 You see I wanted to inside scoop on how book pages stayed together.
Can you believe they are sewn?!!!
 Yup, one little section at a time is stitch to another little section until you have a book. Of course by the time I was done figuring this out I had no more book left.... I made my first attempts at a new teeny tiny one!
 Oh and one final word on tea staining...I'm done with it!
The green wool had a slight change after 3 days but not so much as to really make a difference.
And the red velvet....four days in and just as bright as ever!


  1. I think coffee works better for staining. Just saying...

  2. I could just kick myself in the pants for not thinking of that! Of course I'm going to have to try it now!