Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Little Bit of a Tale

 Let me just preface this with the fact that I'm not quite sure what I'm doing at this point. For one thing, watercolors and I have a history of being at odds with one another.  Unfortunately for me the "book I want to read" just so happens to be illustrated with watercolors.
And so I decided to give them another go, try to relax,
and hopefully have some fun. We'll see.... 
What about the ins and outs of organizing pages that can later be gathered into a tiny book?
I'm taking a wild guess and crossing my fingers a lot!
But bit by bit things are coming together enough
to tell a story and it starts like this...

 There once was a little bit of a doll named Lucy
who was very lonely indeed.

Her days were spent in the dim and drafty attic of a home whose family had long since moved
out into the world. The attic was large and yet filled to the brim with the dusty
 remnants of past times. Trunks stuffed with old fashioned clothing
and fine stitched quilts were tucked along the rafters, and furniture upon
which meals had been served, lessons had been taught, and dreams had been dreamt
now stood in ramshackle piles that created a series of
mazelike paths around and about them.

A journey down these pathways promised hours of adventure for all along the wayside
were secreted stashes of treasure to be discovered. Boxes of photos, bundles of letters,
and even a scattering of postcards held clues from which the history of
home and habitants could be chronicled. Larger and more obvious items had their
own stories to be told. A hanging birdcage, long ago party to numerous
conversations from friends both fine and feathered, now stood
an empty watch at the intersection of two paths and a large braided rug,
previously the foundation for childhood fantasy, kept its tales
rolled and bound up tight in storage.
to be continued...


  1. I love it! More please!!!
    I can't imagine why you and water colour painting have ever been at odds as you seem to be an natural with the medium.
    I'm trying not to be envious of your talent.
    Jenni x

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement Jenni. I do think having the pictures drawn out makes it much easier to know where to put the watercolors. Give me a blank page however and a muddled splotch is certain to appear!

  2. . . . please bring all this when I see you !! . . .

  3. I would have to agree with Jenann!! I see no odds at all between you and watercolors. Beautiful work and looking forward to your next post....<3

    1. It's on the way Belinda! Thanks so much for joining in the fun with me!

  4. Just caught up with the posts I have missed while I have been away and very excited about all I see. What a lovely sweet story, very enjoyable indeed. I love the illustrations as well, they seem absolutely perfect to me.

    1. Thanks so much for popping in to visit again...I'm so glad your back!