Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time Out

 Ready for a little more Austin Kleon love?
One of the tings he encourages is having side projects and hobbies. Something just for you.
I often think of sewing as my hobby but in truth very few of the things I make do I end up keeping for myself. So today I put away my secret project and found myself a portable basket.
 I filled it with some of the hexies I've been making up...
 ...and headed  to The Quilted Crow for and afternoon of fun, friends, and English Paper Piecing inspiration with the amazing Granny Gran Stitches.
 Plan A was to make a table runner just for me!
Plan B was to be very relaxed about it and simply stitch together whatever hexie
I happened to pick up, no matter what color or pattern.
What I discovered however is how extremely stressful it is to be "relaxed."
Just look at my luck of the draw! With a fair share of fun florals and vibrant colors in the mix I can not believe I picked one muted blah specimen after another. Are you kidding me?!!!  
And so now I have a Plan C on the table...get friendly with Mister Seam Ripper.


  1. . . . noooooooooooooo "unsewing" . . . I like how that round shows off the hex with the spools of thread . . . and I bet the next round will stand out nicely against this round also . . . keep going . . . LOL . . .

  2. Ok...I'll give it a go! One more round at least and then I'll let you look at it and see what you think. Maybe I'll like it better as a well thought out pillow? The hexies are just so big to get that patchy look I was going for in the limited size of a table runner. I could still make a table runner but using the smaller hexies I have prepped up instead. Hmmm....I think I need a monthly EPP get together!!!

  3. . . . yes let's do that . . . monthly EPP get together . . . talk soon . . .