Sunday, September 7, 2014

SHOWTIME.....14 Days and Counting

 I am perfectly in love with these boots!
I wish they were mine but alas they belong to someone a wee bit tinier than me...
 ...Little Red Riding Hood!
My mom is coming along with me to the doll show and in the spirit of the event had some fun making up this dear little lovie. The wolf, of course, was close on her heels.
 And where would they be trotting off to other than Grandmother's house!
 Grandmother, busy keeping things tidy, is quite unaware that either of them
are on their way for a visit.
And so we are left to wonder who will get there first?


  1. Oh so beautiful! But poor Grandmama, she has no idea what might happen as she tends her sweet little home! Hope Red Riding Hood goes against the original story by rushing in, telling Grandmother that she has seen a wolf and then staying in the cottage with her until Woolfie wanders away..
    Congratulations to your very creative Mom - now we know where you get your own skill from - it's in the genes!
    How tall are the little people?
    Jenni x

    1. They are wee little dollies Jenni. I don't have them in hand at the moment but I'd say Little Red Riding Hood is no more than three inches. She's so cute!!!

  2. This little house is such the cutest thing, and as for Grandmama, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, wow! Such imagination and creativity, just perfect. Those boots really are just the ticket as well. Your Mum is very creative. Is this just for display or will it also be for sale. Lucky person who gets to buy it if it is!

    1. I do believe she intends to sell it! She has several dollhouses of her own that she made years ago for display in her house but not desire to add to the collection. Making them, however, she seems to be addicted to! She already has the plans for her next in the works...rumor has it the next one will be a Christmas house!

  3. . . . love love love it all !! . . . so wish I didn't have club that day . . . I want to come to the show !! . . .