Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Litte Bit of Show and Tell

 Admittedly, the arrival of one's new daily planner might not be seen as an event of much excitement but for some reason it always sends my heart all aflutter.
I could hardly wait in fact to sit down this morning with pen in hand and have at those blank pages.It was about time too, for as you can see last year's was full to the brim with barely an inch to squeeze in one more thought!
Yesterday's second package on the other hand, contained a set of two, much more eye appealing missives, both by the most charming of kindred spirits Christie Jones Ray. If you have not yet met Christie a trip to her Rose Water Cottage is long overdue! There you will find all sorts of delights to thrill the heart including the most endearing of mice, Eliza.
I myself have been so enamoured of this little mouse that I jumped at the chance to welcome Christie's guide for making one in my own sewing nook. A little digging through my stash turned up all the supplies needed and so I imagine a new friend will be around these parts ever so soon!

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