Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Little Bit of Progress

I found a bit of laziness was in order yesterday. Our first full week back to school and such after the holiday break made for a very tired mama who wanted nothing more for her Friday night than pizza and several episodes of  National Geographic's The Pioneers on Demand.
And so it was...and yummy too.
Today, however, the makings of my new little mouse friend were calling for attention and so I set out into my own pioneer territory of stuffed animal craftiness!
Tiny stitches were set in place.
Seams were trimmed and clipped and body parts were turned right side out.
I'm not entirely sure I'm following directions as I should but I've got my fingers crossed that it won't matter all that much in the end.
Even if lumpy and crooked upon completion I figure what little mouse wouldn't be proud to sport a pair of pink velvet lined ears...if I can figure out how to attach them that is?!!

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