Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Little Bit of a Friend

Meet Lily Dale!
She is a true pincushion friend with whom I've spent a good amount of time.
Her happy little face and sparkly eyes have watched me closely as fabrics were selected and stitches were carefully put in. Everything had to be just so in order that she would be well prepared to head out into the world of sewing adventures!

 And prepared she is! I, myself, am especially happy to know she has a cozy cape to keep her toasty warm during this snowy February weather she'll be traveling in. The first step of the journey starts tonight when she enters the shop but after that who knows?!! 
It's all so exciting.....
So exciting in fact that I've had the notion to send a series of little sewing friends out into
the world throughout the year ahead.
 One per month in fact!
Lily Lupine was actually the first, back a few weeks ago in January.
It's always a bit sad to see them go but the joy they find in their new homes
more than makes up for it.

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