Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Little Bit of a Toast

Cheers to the completion of the Castle!
It's got banquet halls to feast in...

 ...and secret stairwells to explore.

One of them will even lead you to a pretty princess in the tower room!

There's treasure to be counted...

...and even some knights to keep it safe.
What there isn't, however, are small hands to play with it.
Well not yet at least....
Tomorrow, after a brief but epic journey to the preschool, the real adventures will truly begin.
Twelve little pairs of hands and unlimited imaginations are going to keep this castle and its cast of characters very busy for sure!


  1. Beautiful job! The kids are going to absolutely love it! It'll be fun to show my daughter these photos after school. I know she'll be so impressed by your work as well.
    Such a fun project!
    Thanks for sharing and happy week to you. xo

    1. A very happy week to you too Carrie and many thanks for all your visits and sweet words. You always put a smile on my face!

  2. Wow, that looks like fun! Our 13-year-old daughter made a small castle out of cardboard and papier mache for some Playmobil knights a week or so ago. I'll have to show her this.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Good for her!!!
      I love that your daughter made her own castle...isn't it wonderful how Playmobils have a way of inspiring all ages to have such fun!

  3. Wow, these pictures are fabulous and I am sure that kids also love these pictures. You know, last month my friend invited me for his son’s birthday snow themed party. And he booked one of the best banquet halls in Miami for celebration. Kids were so happy and I had enjoyed a lot at this place.

  4. Beautiful workmanship or should I say workwomanship! Having been a preschool as well as a kindergarten teacher, I know the children will love your castle. Hope they enjoy many hours using their imaginations.