Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thimble Full of Fun

Thinking it might be fun to have something special to go along with my new itty bitty version of the blossom pin I turned a few extra thimbles into little pots.

Now the tiny pins can easily be planted....

...and bloom away for days on end!


  1. How sweet. Love it! I so love miniatures. These are little darlings. Keep inspiring. I truly enjoy your creations. you keep me wanting to see more of your lovely creations, no matter how SMALL...


  2. Thank you Carolyn for such sweet words....all the more meaningful having come from such a kindred lover of the little!

  3. These are so darling! Love seeing you back on your blog …and creating away!
    much love and blessings!

    1. Thimbles always make me think of you dear friend!

    2. that just makes my heart so happy;) You should see the landscaping and little stone wall they've added to "Your House"…the Natalie House, I call it..around the corner… you would love!
      Blessings, dear friend!