Sunday, October 5, 2008

Piccalilli Patchwork both you and me!

I'm creating this blog as a companion to my etsy store which I have decided to name Piccalilli Patchwork, much to the exasperation of many around me. Most of the arguments concern the word "piccalilli." They feel it is too awkward to spell, has too many i's in it, and refers to a food they not only dislike but feel has nothing to do with my sewing. I, however, love the taste of piccalilli, enjoy putting the dots on every single "i" in it, and just plain think it's a fun word to say. As far as pairing it up with "patchwork" and using it as a representation of my work. . . I could not think of a better match! Piccalilli itself is a mixture of the odds and ends of the garden's produce. Mustard, vinegar, and hot spices are added to these chopped vegetables to create a relish that often has enough of a bite to it to warm your innards. Similarly, patchwork is a form of quilting which makes use of the bits and pieces of fabric left over from larger sewing projects. Tiny pieces are stitched together in any number of patterns and color combinations to create a quilt as a means of warming the body. It is in this habit of not letting things go to waste that I hope to pursue my creative work. To gather small materials and spare moments of time, combine them with a bit of inspiration, and create something of greater value in the end. . . what a great way to warm the soul!

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