Thursday, January 8, 2009

Giveaway Merriment!

The decorations have all been packed away, school has resumed, and there's not much going on around here except for snow, snow, and more snow. Being stuck inside a very quiet house all day has made my little friend Lucy wistful for a bit of merriment. With an ever growing list of sewing projects ahead of me I knew I would not make for the most entertaining of company...but I did have an idea! For squirreled away I had a house, a tiny house in need of some tender loving care to bring it to life.

" What if," I said to her, "we put it out to rent in exchange for that care? Perhaps someone would respond, a wee someone who could clean it up and possibly give it a coat of paint. And with your fine scissor skills you could cut a beautiful ribbon for the cottage key. Who knows, you might even become the best of friends!"

Lucy was tickled with the idea and so we got right to work. I found a small pole while she made a sign. It only took a few moments before we had it posted and Lucy sat down to wait...and wait...and wait. I knew she was anxious to get to her ribbon work but we hadn't yet had any responses. What to do in the mean time? Luckily I had another idea!

"What if ," I suggested, "we have a Giveaway? Faraway friends would see it and send us messages that you could read right away. I'll even let you pick the prize!"

Lucy thought it was a lovely idea and knew immediately what she wanted to give. A pair of "Sweet Hearts" were selected. I definitely approved as they are one of my favorites...especially this pair with the red check and periwinkle rose print. They were patchwork pieced, stuffed, and adorned with ribbons and tiny buttons. Hanging from those buttons are removable tags with the words "Hugs" and "Kisses" written on them.
And then we had yet another idea, only this time it was Lucy's.
"What if," she said, "we ask that they enter to win our giveaway by leaving a message telling us their favorite book about dolls. Hopefully we'll get a big long list and what fun it would be to read them all!"

What fun please, do leave a message! Share with us a favorite book or maybe even two. As long as they are about dolls and are received by the first of February consider yourself entered. A winner will be selected at random on February 2 which should allow plenty of time for your "Sweet Hearts" to arrive by Valentine's Day.
Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Hi Natalie Jo. Love your home, so many gorgeous things to ponder and admire. The red and blue colours are very 'in' over here in Britain at the moment and when I read that you hadn't managed to find the December Country Living magazine I was galavanised into action. It was an excellent issue (with lots of red and blue). Anyway I discovered it is currently being sold on and so you could grab a copy if you are still looking. The UK seller mails overseas (its the issue with a little dog tied to a blue door). All the best. Eli

  2. hi natalie jo,
    i love your goodies made with care and love...the velveteen rabbit for a stuffed bunny doll or the american girl series, so much love packed in for everyone.....karen

  3. Hi Natalie Jo. So pleased you've grabbed a copy of C Living. The pics on your blog would fit into the December issue really well. (You have a great eye for a picture if you don't mind me saying). CL will sadly seem a bit festive for January but as usual there is plenty of 'eye candy' and even the adverts are attractive! Hope it reacheds you soon. Eli. ( I love little Lucy by the way, she's just perfect)

  4. Natalie Jo, how absolutely adorable are those hearts!I have a Lucy doll too--bit older than yours I beleive:-) Favorite doll book, oh dear! Toss between Rumer Godden book The Dollshouse and Tasha Tudor's The Dolls Christmas. Can I pick two:-) And my birthday is Feb 4th--do I get extra points for that...LOL! Best of luck to all the entrants, a delight to receive this!

  5. Me again!..I suddenly realised I had forgotten my book choice and the thought of dissapointing little Lucy was too much to bear. So Lucy, here it is. If I had lived 100 years ago this author would have been a near neighbour of mine. Our area is awash with her little books because all the visiting tourists want to take some home with them. The author...Beatrix Potter and the book of course, 'The Tale of Two Bad Mice'. I think it is the sweetest story and I just love the fixed expressions on the faces of Lucinda and Jane. I hope Lucy won't be troubled by such furry rascals as Tom Thumb abd Hunca Munca, although I do rather like them also!! Hope you are keeping warm in your New England home. Eli

  6. Hello Natalie Jo!
    I love your little story and Lucy, too.
    Thanks for your answers to my questions - I have been ill so haven't had time to write but will soon, soon, soon!
    I need to have a think about my answer to the doll book question; it would probably be one from the American Girl series, and most likely one about Samantha, Kirsten, or maybe Kit. But in the meantime, do I get extra credit for entering a book about a child and her favourite quilt? I think it suits your little shop and the things you make, too.
    If you haven't read it, and cannot find a copy, try; ebay; or even Amazon.
    It is called, "The Pumpkin Blanket" and is a wonderful story about a little girl sacrificing her favourite quilt in order to save the pumpkins from the frost.
    Great to teach children about thinking of someone other than themselves, sharing, and letting go of things you love.
    Timely for Halloween, too.
    Another good one, though again,not about dolls, is "Who Wants an Old Teddy Bear" by Ginnie Hofmann.
    Can't wait to read more!

  7. The best doll book by far is Hitty, by Rachel Field!!!
    I love your blog! ♥

  8. YOur stuff is great. I love these hearts. THanks for the giveawaY!!