Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I truly feared my only audience left would be the family dog! I had so much fun with my previous post that I recklessly shared it with my children later that evening. As I read it out loud to them I watched their faces for expressions of delight and anticipation. Would anyone rent the cottage? What reading list would we acquire? And who would win the Sweet Heart Giveaway?

I have to say my teenager's look of perpetual boredom had disappeared...unfortunately it was replaced with extreme bewilderment. Was I now going to start building houses for squirrels? Did I really think I could rent them? And deep inside I'm sure he was questioning his mother's sanity. My preteen, never one to tip toe around issues, asked me outright, "Aren't you worried people will think your crazy?" My seven year did give me some hope! His bright eyes and smile, however, soon faded when I told him under no uncertain terms were we getting a real lizard to live in the little cottage!

While their reactions gave me some cause for concern it was short lived thanks to all of your lovely comments. I'm having such fun reading each and everyone of them. Lucy and I are making a list of all of the doll books mentioned. Some of the titles are already in our possession while others are easily gathered from the local library. Lucy said she is not one bit afraid of heights and so hopes the pile grows very tall!

While our good intentions are to read one book a day there is one bit of business that must first be attended to. For lurking in the back of my mind is the pesky fact that I never got my Christmas cards out. If you recall I had resigned myself to having them posted by New Years, but that too has come and gone and long distance friends are now calling my mom concerned for my well being! Luckily my card selection this year featured a pair of mittens on the front. With some slight alterations to the message inside I was able to transform them into "Winter Cards." And just to make sure I remove all traces of guilt from my conscience, I am now in the midst of creating tiny gingham envelopes and filling them with morning glory seeds from my garden. I plan to attach them to the cards along with a note about the promise of spring to come which means I better have them posted by March 20th!

Although not very timely with my own correspondence, I seem to be doing very well on the receiving end of the mail box this week. I'm supposed to be making more "Sweet Hearts" to post in the shop but I keep getting interrupted by fun surprises. As if receiving the new issue of Mary Jane's Farm wasn't enough, the fabric I so wanted from T-Party's shop arrived as well. It's very hard to focus on the task at hand when all I want to do is dream up new projects to make with it! I've got some interior decorating ideas in mind which opens up any number of creative decisions to be mulled over...paint colors, curtain design, furniture rehab. There really aren't enough hours in the day!

Meanwhile...somewhere far away, yet another correspondence is in the works...


  1. Hi Natalie Jo!

    What a lovely idea - sharing your blog with your children! Be patient - they might think you're crazy now, but they will end up emulating your fine qualities when they are in their twenties!
    I once read somewhere that terrible teens who thought everything you sewed was trash, end up coming round in college when they are poor and desperate for new fashions! LOL
    I love the look of your magazine, 'Mary Jane's Farm' and will have to look for it.
    My birthday present is always a gift of Martha Stewart Living, which will ship internationally, and when it arrives it is always like getting a little piece of home delivered to my doorstep.
    Thanks to one of your reader's comments, I purchased the December of Country Living on ebayUK and am expecting it soon!
    I, too, missed it and am looking forward to browsing through it in February.
    But today I need to get some ironing done and some sewing in the works.
    Your kids will come round and will always recall how mum was an avid blogger, creative sewer, and lover of all things creative and making a lovely home.

  2. Kids have a way of talking us down off our clouds don't they...LOL! What lovely cards, I would be tickled to receive one, I am sure all on your Christmastide list will think it quite worth the wait:-)

  3. Hi Natalie Jo,
    I have totally messed up my blog accounts so please add me again to follow. The old address will not work. Here is the new one:
    A typo made this all come about! See the three 's' in the middle? One too many I am afraid!
    Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Had to sahre this extra tidbit...I was just over at www.maryjanesfarm.org and found they have added the most wonderful video clips to the site. It starts with a ten minute clip on Mary Jane herself and then progresses on to a number of topics from biscuits, to tatting, to chickens. Would love to go to the B&B there someday! What fun!

  5. Hi Natalie Jo. I can see why so many people in the States are inspired by Mary Jane's farm. Lovely video clip, it looks wonderfully idyllic (but hard work). We grow some of our own veg and fruit here in northern England and although we get plenty of much needed rain we also get the accompanying grey skies so ripening the produce can be difficult. Luckily we have a number of farm shops so can always purchase from other growers with bluer skies!! Good to see Lucy sitting atop a stack of books, brave little thing (hope you have supplied her with a tiny ladder). And who is that white furry face peeping through the glass and looking very mischievous? Gorgeous envelopes, I'm not sure sending post-Christmas cards isn't a better idea. It would give us something pleasent to do in dull old January and nice to get return greetings to cheer the long dark days (pre Christmas is always so frantic). Aren't kids funny. Mine were like yours as teenagers and now in their twenties they have turned out like their mum! My daughter and I have always chatted to soft cuddly toys in shops and if we pick them up we have animated conversations with them, it has kept many a shopper amused and I'm certain people think we're crazy, however I'm sure everyone lives in the world of their own imagination. Can't wait to see what your next project will be and if you'll be using that gorgeous fabric. Keep us posted. Eli

  6. Hi Natalie Jo,

    I am constantly on the receiving end of incredulous looks from my teenagers, so I know the feeling. And we actually do have a pet lizard thanks to my son buying one (without asking!) at a Renaissance Fair several years ago.

    I can't wait to see what you'll make out of the floral fabric. I'm so glad you like it!

  7. Hello again Natalie Jo. Just a quickie to let you know I have tagged you on my post today. I'm sure everyone will love to read your blog and they'll be enchanted by Lucy. This tagging thing is a blogland game which is fun but can be a bit time consuming so I'll understand if you don't want to paticipate. The rules of the game are at the bottom of my post. Hoping you get even more book suggestions from visitors. Have a nice weekend. Eli

  8. Have never heard of it but it sounds like fun! I'll be right over to check it out. Thanks a bunch! Oh and don't worry...Lucy definately has a ladder!
    natalie jo