Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cottage Caretaking

February school break has come and gone leaving mom with her head spinning. Numerous play dates, doctor visits, dentist appointments, late night TV watching, bowling competitions, and more pizza than I care to remember have left their mark. So once those dear little student bodies half dragged themselves to school on Monday I set out to reclaim the house! After taking stock of the situation it was determined a good deal of scrubbing and sorting would be in order. And it seems I wasn't the only one with some housekeeping on her mind...

...for Lily Red was hard at work over at Wayside Cottage! With apron on and broom in hand she tackled each and every corner of the place. By mid-morning the cottage had been cleared of all its' jumble.

No sooner had the broom been set to rest than Lucy popped in for a visit, as was becoming their habit. "Oh, I'm ever so happy to see you," said Lily Red. "And what good fortune you've brought your scissors along as I'm ready to start unpacking my things. If you'd be kind enough to help by cutting the twine I'd be forever grateful!"

Lucy of course was more than happy to assist her friend. Luckily, Lily Red had a ladder (previously employed to reach the ceiling cobwebs) and so Lucy was able to reach just the right spot to make the perfect cut.

As the twine tumbled down Lily Red was able to pull away the lid and finally release the contents of the box. A lift top desk and a four poster bed were revealed along with some smaller treasures. Lucy relished hearing all about them. She was most interested in a portrait painting which Lily Red explained was of a very famous author. "Someday I hope to be an author just like he was," explained Lily Red. " I've even got the tools of the trade, a journal and a favorite pencil. With them I'm going to write about our adventures to come!"

Before long everything was tidied up. Lucy was hoping to cut some wire to hang the painting but Lily Red wanted to wait. "You may think me attempting to be a Renaissance Woman, but I do believe in addition to becoming an author, I'll try my hand at painting...walls that is! "


  1. Lily Red certainly has wonderful housekeeping skills. I had someone just like her in my household once upon a time, but I let her get away!! And now I can't get the cat to even lift a broom...

  2. Lily Red, Could you please come over and help tidy a bit? You are so very good at it!!!

  3. Greetings Natalie Jo. I love the expressions on the faces of Lucy and Lily Red, they always make me smile. They are gathering some great little bits and bobs around them such a happy pair of home-makers. I wonder if they will be joined by others at a later date. Have you seen the blog named Moline? The banner has 5 little people similar to yours (really cute) http://moline.typepad.com/
    Thanks for your note about the smocking pleater, I've never knew there was such a thing. Sounds a great little devise. All I need is a granddaughter to smock dresses for but that's not going to happen for long while. Hope you soon start getting good gardening weather in MA. We seem to be getting one cold day alternated with one warmer at the moment so I'm staying indoors. Plenty of mess to clear up...the electricians left yesterday (and left a real mess!) Eli

  4. I just love your little stories about the girls, Natalie Jo!
    So precious!
    And you might consider publishing 'their' stories!