Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I do believe it's in response to this snowy, snowy winter (another 12" this weekend past!) that I have begun making these YO-YO Flower Pincushions. Initially I made a few only to replace what had sold in my Etsy shop. They were such a cheery sight, however, that I decided to make another...and another...and another. I might not be able to get out in my wellies yet but there's nothing stopping me from creating a cottage garden of blooms right here in my sewing nook!

So far this one is my favorite. I call it "Hitty Red." Somewhere, in my recent obsession with Hitty dolls, I stumbled upon an image of one wearing a dress made from this very same print. Being that I already had a stash of this fabric squirreled away for some future project, I took it as a definite sign that I must get myself one of those dolls...and create a wardrobe for her!

In amongst my obsession with the YO-YO Flowers I received a request for more of these patchwork pin pillows. These are always fun to create, especially if I can get my hands on a new fabric with images small enough to for the center charm pieces. My exciting new addition to the collection is the gardening girl with a watering can. Someone else also make it into the batch . . . .

. . . Little Bo Peep! Some of you may recall hearing tell of her most unfortunate accident with a rotary cutter last October. I'll have you know, when it became necessary to size up her patchwork block this time around, scissors and a steady hand were carefully employed.
While working on those pin pillows I thought quite a bit about the recipient of them. She is a pincushion collector. How very strange that I had never considered collecting these items myself...until now that is! I've got oodles of them scattered about but they exist for me in a purely functional manner. I've still got this first one I ever purchased. I think it came from the dollar bin at Jo-ann Fabrics and boy does it look it! It's long since been retired to the back of my sewing drawer, pins and all.
Yes, I've become a pin snob. I absolutely love the longer version with the shiny colored balls on top. Not only does the bigger size make them easier to work with (and find when dropped on the floor!), but they add a happy sparkle to everything they touch. Most days you can find an entire forest of them here in what is probably my most used pin keeping device . . . .

. . . . this doll's chair is a favorite of mine (and yes I do have a collection of these too!) It was a consignment shop find several years ago and found its way to my sewing table from pure aesthetic taste. Then one day, having failed to set out a pincushion before sewing I randomly jabbed a pin into it's cushion and the habit was born.
By the way, I must tell you, that's my beloved Emma sitting in the chair. She's a Sewing Star creation that I purchased at a Back Road Event teddy bear show. It was great fun and the artist's creations were amazing. I bet you think I'm going to say I have a teddy bear collection too. Not so unfortunately, therefore explaining why I purchased a pink elephant at a bear show.

It is with this piece that my pin cushion collection will start. It is actually the only one I have that serves a purely decorative purpose. I originally bought it because of the three little pastel pins which I thought were so darling and such a perfect match. I'll be keeping my eyes open for some "friends" to join him. Believe it or not flea market season is only a few months away and I can only imagine what treasure I'll find!


  1. Natalie!!!! My goodness! Here you are! And look at all the wonderful eye candy and magical writing I've been missing! Can't wait to come back when I have more time and a cup of tea in hand! LOVE your pin cushions! Will have to meander over to your Etsy shop! Happy Almost Spring!! -Daphne

  2. Oh, I just love your work. I've been looking at your blog for a while -- first time leaving a comment. :o) I may have to have one of these yo-yo pin cushions. Your work is so beautifully done! I'm always impressed when I take a peek.

    ~ Deb

  3. I got on a kick making these pin cushions too...LOL! AND I am a pin snob--what is wrong with us:-)

    Everything looks so pretty on the shelf:-)

  4. What joy to poke around every crafty bloggers workroom. Yours would be my first port of call Natalie Jo. I love your things and the colours are delicious. Sweet Emma, I hope she isn't covered in pin holes! What fun to create unusual pin cushions from every day objects. I fear you've got my brain racing now. Perhaps it could be your blog challenge for later in the year when folk are creating stuff for Christmas. And how about pins to match!!! Happy pinning, Eli

  5. A hearty welcome to you all. So happy to find you here Daphne and ever so pleased to meet you Deb! Suzanne, ever since I read your comment I've had this vision of lumping all our pincushion together, attaching them to popsicle sticks and planting them out in all the snowbanks around here! And dear Eli, your welcome to my little nook any day of the week! Maybe you could help me attach those popsicle sticks...I'm sure you'd come up with a very clever way to do so. Emma said to tell you she is just fine although there have been a few close calls. Have to say I love your blog challenge idea and do believe I'll put it into practice!Thanks to all my visitors for stopping by! natalie jo

  6. The pincushion flower garden looks beautiful on you shelves...I hope you keep it there for a while!
    So GLAD to hear you have an obsession with Hitty!! Yippee!!!

  7. I love your festive pincushions, Natalie Jo! You have such a talent and such a good eye for design and colour.
    Love the little sausage dog, too!
    There is a little award awaiting you on my blog!

  8. I'm a "pin snob" too. And what lovely pin cushions you've created in which to show them off. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  9. Just beautiful Natalie Jo! I spy my cushion among the collection. I am still admiring it. I sat it on the counter in the kitchen so I could enjoy it a little while longer before putting it in the sewing room.

    Those little pillows would make perfect gifts for my sisters. I'll be checking your etsy shop to see if I can snag a couple before the holidays.


  10. just discovered your blog via Jeanne at Nantucket Mermaid - and just two days ago I did a post on yo-yos - funny coincidence - love the pin cushions - as I read I recognized the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady - i bought that book ages ago at a library book sale -