Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Bees

The upcoming giveaway has everyone doing their part! Lovely comments and quite a few book recommendations are being shared by sweet readers as they enter to be the lucky winner.

One stitch at a time I'm making headway on a special patchwork project of my I'm especially excited about because I'm going to give it to myself!

And finally, in true "Persian Pickle Club" fashion little Lucy is hosting an official quilting bee right here in the sewing nook. I do believe, given a few more stitches and some CAREFUL snipping of thread tails, Lily Red's big surprise will be complete!


  1. Natalie Jo, you use the most beautiful little prints in your sewing! I love the little doll size quilt you made and I am anxious to see what you are sewing as well as what you are getting ready to crochet. I sure love reading your posts! Blessings! Gail

  2. I love the fabric you are using.. to me it is soothing, calming..
    And the quilting bee Lucy is hosting.. Oh my.. What fun. Love the quilt they are working on.

  3. Lily Red has a wonderful eye for fabrics and colors! I think this must be going to a very special place!

    Oh and by the way, I am going to have to find The Persian Pickle Club book now to read. It sounds wonderful!

  4. Their little quilt is just darling! So fun for them to get together for a quilting bee. They have made very good progress.