Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hands to Work

I've had such fun on my little patchwork project! To my surprise, however, it was the process of crocheting a lace trim edge that gave me the most satisfaction.

So much so in fact that I convinced Lucy to let me have at her tiny quilt and add a bit of trim work there as well. That one whipped up in a jiffy so before I knew it I was free to head downstairs and complete the final step on my piece. . . . .

. . . . . by hanging it up in the pantry! If you recall I was bothered by a certain lack of "charm" once the pantry re-do was complete. I'm quite pleased with this result if I don't say so myself. Having always wanted a kitchen sink with a skirt hanging beneath it, but never the style of kitchen conducive to such a decorating delight, I find this to be a nice substitute. Unfortunately that trim work I was so fond of making earlier this morning seems to get lost in the shadow a bit.

Good thing for me I get to wash the floor every week. . . . .down there on my hands and knees I'll be sure to get a real good close up look!

No sooner had the pantry skirt gone up than Lucy could be heard calling for assistance with a bit of wrapping. Bundled up tidy in a wee bit of seam binding it was easy to tote over to Wayside Cottage where Lily Red welcomed her new gift with open arms!

And while those two wasted no time putting their hands to work making up a proper bed, I enlisted the help of another set of wee hands to help me with the last (and most exciting) task of the day. . . . .

. . . . .picking the winner of the Quilting Bee Giveaway! Happy, hearty congratulations to Lina!!!
I can't wait to post out your ditty bag of goodies so please e-mail me with your address.


  1. Congratulations to Lina..
    And I love your skirt in the pantry doorway.
    I myself have always wanted the skirted sink.. Like you it isn't going to happen in this home not the right style cabinets.... But hey the doorway looks great.. I love your edgings also.I love Lily Reds new quilt also..
    Hugs, Tina

  2. Yeah for Lina! What a fun giveaway for you! Natalie Jo, I love your patchwork pantry curtain. The crochet edging is beautiful! Blessings! Gail

  3. Yeah Lina! I bet you will have fun with the wonderful fabrics.

    Natalie Jo, your curtain is a wonderful idea! I love the look and the touch of trim makes it perfect.

    Oh and I can't forget how lovely the new bed cover looks for the Lucy and Lily Red!

  4. Both patchwork projects turned out beautifully! The crochet trim is a wonderful touch. That's a skill I've never been able to master.

    Seeing the picture of Lucy's quilting bee reminds me that I have a little wooden doll around here somewhere... She got packed away the last time we moved and I've only just now remembered her - Oh dear!

  5. Yippee for Lina!
    Another gorgeous post. I adore the crochet edging. Your pantry is beautiful!!!