Tuesday, March 22, 2011

With a Sigh of Relief.....

. . . . . I have returned to let you know all's well, ends well. My portion of the program last Saturday went off without a hitch. The women at the doll club were so friendly and welcoming it felt more of a chat session than the school time oral presentation I was having nightmares over. The Lilies were well received and had an opportunity to meet up with some very exquisite Hitties at the tea party that followed. Such fun ensued that I stayed far longer than anticipated.

Upon my eventual return home that night I promised the kids I would not put a hand to needle, thread, keyboard, or mouse for the rest of the weekend. Instead a trip to the mall, a Mexican meal, and a movie marathon had been planned. In order to make a '"sweet" contribution to our family fun, I took to the baking cupboard. Having recently gone gluten-free this is not quite as simple as it once was. Our long standing favorites are greatly missed, especially Fanny Farmer's fabulous "Lazy Daisy Cake." Digging through the ingredients on hand, however, I found I had the makings for an "Easy French Apple Pie." I also found something else...look close...closer...do you see it?

My pen! I remember now this seemed a safe place to secretly stash it while I was putting away the few groceries I had also acquired during that outing. Seemed as if happy endings were abundant. . . . the Lilies were a success, I'd found my pen, and. . . .

. . . . .the apple pie was a success! So much so in fact, only a tiny sliver remained to accompany my tea time this afternoon.

Paired up with the task of preparing tags for some new listings I was able to stretch out the moments between spoonfuls, savoring each and every bite!

Finally, with prep work behind me and tummy content it was time to turn my attention to encouraging a few more happy endings. Lily June (seen back there with her knitting) was listed in the shop in hopes of finding her very own home sweet home. Hollie Belle will soon follow in her heals as she too looks for her happily ever after!

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  1. A delightful post, Natalie Jo! And a yummy one...thoughts of Mexican food and Apple Pies; its time for me to get some lunch :-)

    I knew you would be a hit at the doll club; it is always a treat to meet with kindred spirits.