Sunday, January 15, 2012

#15 Made a First Dent in My Stash

So about that $10 purchase I made in the quilt shop yesterday. . . . my first thought was to grab up a few "oh so sweet" fat quarters I had scoped out on the way in. I remembered, however, my stash at home and how a good portion of it had literally fallen on my head earlier that morning while I was gathering up my supplies for the meeting. In that moment of frustration I had vowed to myself "No more fabric!" And yet, there I stood in line with several bundles of it clutched in my hand.

I am proud to say I put it all back and selected instead a packet of hexagon paper pieces and some of my favorite Sulky thread. Trouble is those "oh so sweet" fat quarters have been haunting me today. The scale and colors were just perfect for some little projects I have in mind. Boy do I want that fabric and am willing to take whatever steps I need in ordeer to get it.

And so I stepped. . . . .but not out the door, into the car, and down the road to Candlelite. Instead I made my way, step by step, up to my stash closet and began to clean house. I used to enjoyed sewing crib quilts, aprons, dresses and tote bags. Although that was years ago, I found I still have the yardage to prove it. Considering small scale work I do now, holding on to more than a half yard of any print is unnecessary (and a hindrance to new purchases!)

Sorting, folding. and ironing filled my afternoon and soon the piles of fabric will be filling up the destash section of my shop. My willpower is strong for my next trip to the quilt shop WILL involve the guilt-free filling of my hands with those oh so sweet fat quarters!


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