Monday, January 2, 2012

#2 Made an Effort

I absolutely fell in love with this issue of "Jane Austin Knits" while out Christmas shopping last month. Don't tell but I actually picked it up at the time and tucked it away as a special New Year's surprise just for me. I gifted it to myself yesterday...SURPRISE!!! Today it inspired me to root around for an empty basket in which to make up a knitting supply kit to keep handy. I do not consider myself to be a knitter by any stretch of the imagination but I do hope to improve my skills enough to create at least one of the amazing pieces featured in the magazine. Lucky for me I located a long abandoned scarf project to toss in the basket and with only a few minutes time and minimal effort was able to refresh my knit and pearl techniques!

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  1. I received a copy of this magazine as a Christmas gift from a dear friend, and devoured it from end to end :-) I just taught myself to knit this fall, and am enjoying making dolls (of course). The designs in this magazine are just scrumptious!