Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Made It Easy On Myself

Am finding it very difficult to remain up in the sewing nook to do my work. It's lacking a television you see and since the Emily of New Moon series has become my new obsession I'm sneaking downstairs far too often. Under the guise of putting the kettle on for a cuppa, I'll pop a disc in for a quick peek while the water heats up, and next thing I know I'm snuggied up in the chair totally engrossed in the storyline. Heads up to all the "Anne" fans out there however, Emily's story is a bit dark and somewhat on the spooky side. I'll have to reread the books next to see if they had the same atmosphere. But first I've got seasons 3 and 4 to view, so today I gathered up the makings of a cushion, tossed in a length of pompom trim in order to extend the construction time, and plopped myself in front of the telly totally guilt free!


  1. I like to listen to audio books when I sew.

  2. That is a pretty pincushion! I think this is just the right month to escape into a good movie/series! I think, that by the end of winter, we all need that lift in our lives! love,andrea

  3. My husband loves the audio books as well and luckily our library offers a huge selection. Am thinking now I should check out a few myself....after I finish my escape viewing of Emily that is!