Monday, February 27, 2012

Made a Mini Quilt

Truth be told it was started eons ago but I decided today would be a fantastic opportunity to finish it up. Not exactly the Kathleen Tracy variety I'm itching to take on but one step closer to clearing out my pile of unfinished projects. And if truth be told again. . . . totally designed my my youngest! He had accompanied me to the quilt store one day and spotted these fabrics in one of those Moda mini charm packs. At that point in time he was into Webkins (remember this was eons ago) and so anticipated me stitching up a wee quilt for his cozy friends.

Home again he spent a good hour laying the squares out to suit his taste. A few seams were made, attention began to wane, and so finally some scribbles concerning the rest of the arrangement were jotted down so the project could be picked up "tomorrow." Now, many moons later. . . . . .

one little sack boy has become the happy recipient as Webkins are out and Little Big Planet is in!

Considering he is such a fan of yarn I think he was especially delighted to find I'd opted for a crochet edging as opposed to the traditional quilt binding.
It's much cozier for him to cuddle in this way as well!

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