Friday, March 2, 2012

Made an Addition to My Sewing Basket

Today being Friday, I took a few moments to stock up my sewing basket with an assortment of projects to work on over the weekend. Most are of the "same old same old" variety of pincushions, doll pillows, and bitty blossoms. . . . .items I can set my hands to work at while hanging out with the family, watching a movie, or feeding my addiction to Emily of New Moon DVDs!

This week, however, something new and exciting found its way in there as well. . . . .

. . . . . FELTED WOOL!

To date I have yet to work with this type of fabric but I am most impressed with it's softness. I can't imagine but that it will be a delight to hold and that the needle will pass through it like butter. My excited have a go at it inspired me to toss it in, but exactly what to make with it was another story. . . . .at first anyway. The more I thought about it the more ideas I began to have until I finally concluded "What couldn't I make with it?"

And so, for the month of March I've decided to challenge myself with the consumption of these fabrics into as many different projects as possible. To start I'll take tally of my supplies-

1 fat eighth black
1 4"x 18" remnant black
1 8"x 13" green
1 6"x 10" remnant
just for fun
1/2 yard coordinating cotton print

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck! Your fabric and basket, itself, are so pretty. We are watching "Fun with Dick and Jane" tonight. I will have to look into the Emily of New Moon dvd's. love,andrea

  2. You are really an inspiration to me, Natalie! When I see you complete a project, I think to myself "If Natalie can do it, so can I". Maybe it won't get done as fast, or as pretty, but it will get done. I shall finish my "quilt in a jar" and proceed on to my Hummingbird Penny Rug. I have a much longer list in my mind, but must take baby steps and not get overwhelmed by the thought of all I want to complete.
    Enjoy your wool and if you need any bits or pieces, come on over and raid my stash. Next stop for us is Cobblestone Quilts in Townsend.

  3. I have a fat quarter of felted wool in a silvery gray that I have pondered over and I've decided to make some mice with it. It is so soft and has a lovely feel to it. That wee elf I'm making is supposed to be made from felted wool too but I haven't found the right shade of flesh yet. I look forward to seeing your makes:)

  4. Andrea....We love movie nights in our house...hope you enjoyed yours!

    Suzanne....Had a look see at Cobblestone and must say it put a smile on my face! A trip there would be great fun.

    Mary Ann...hd not thought to make a stuffie out of the wool...what a great idea!