Saturday, March 3, 2012

Made another Dent in My Stash

Woke up this morning thinking about felted wool. . . . .funny because last night that's what I fell asleep thinking about. After all that thinking I finally settled on my first project to make with it. Before I could start, however I needed to wash that little coordinating cotton print. I always wash and dry cotton fabrics before I work with them. By doing so I won't be "surprised" if they shrink, bleed, or remain perpetually wrinkled. Mostly, however, I like the way they feel so much better.

Anyway, what began as washing up that one little snippet of cloth somehow turned into a scavenger hunt through assorted stash piles to collect enough to fill a whole load of just fabric. Family members are much happier when I wash fabric in bulk this way since it saves their clothing from those clingy little thread tails that always invade.

Some I have plans for. . . . .others will move on to the shop to await another's creative inspiration. As I write it's all been washed and dried but the process of sorting and ironing I'll save for the week ahead because tomorrow I intend to have at that fabric snippet and get started with the felted wool!

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