Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Made Over the Sunroom.....Again!

Spent the first half of my morning finishing up a few more of those miniature scrap bag sets for dollie friends. Then it was back to the deep dark pile of destash fabrics I dug myself into last weekend. The large cuts are were enough to deal with but mixed in I found oodles of leftover remnants...too small to bother selling as yardage yet too big for my scrap basket. What to do with it all? My first instinct was to shove it all back in the closet it came from. Thank goodness my brain was running faster than my feet because that closet is beginning to look halfway decent.

And what did my brain come up with you ask?

Why scrap bags of fabric for humans of course!

Newly inspired I headed to the sun room turned dining room and preceeded to transform it again. It's now being called "Project Destash Central!" It was so warm and bright today I just couldn't resist. Love my new cutting table...hope the family does too! I always knew the act of acquiring fabric had a tendancy to take over the home, just didn't realize that the process of getting rid of it can have the same effect.

And as if one house were not enough, I even confiscated poor Hitty's attic in order to have a spot to start stacking the goodies!

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