Friday, May 25, 2012

Made An Addition to My Summer Wardrobe

No, the new addition was not the dress....that I've had for ages. Originally when it was crisp and bright I wore it with shiny ballet flats and a cardigan and I loved it. Now after oodles of washings it's faded, soft and worn in all the right places which means I love it even more! It's the perfect barefoot dress which is fine if your staying home but sometimes you need to step out quick for milk or kids, neither one of which require ballet flats or cardigans. Most often I just slip on my flip flops and head out the door which is fine except when your flip flops are black. It's kind of a downer to to be wearing sweet pastels and then anchor your feet down in black so when I spied these little beauties at Old Navy today I was delighted. And at the ultimate bargain price of $2.50.....
.....I snagged myself a second pair in green to go with this thrifted skirt !
Hmmm.....seems there's the possibility of making a patchwork version out of them as well!


  1. Very nice colors. I just bought flip flops today too. I broke mine while washing my car. love,andrea

  2. Oh that you mention it my car could use a good washing but I'll be sure to wear my wellies for that!