Saturday, May 26, 2012

Made My Grocery List

Just about the last thing I feel like doing on Memorial Day weekend is going to the grocery store but since I need to bake cookies for tomorrow's festivities and there are no eggs to be found in the fridge I guess that's where I'm headed. Decided to have some fun writing out the list at least or perhaps I'm just procrastinating! 


  1. Pretty. You should make up (print) a list like that of things you normally buy, and then just circle each week what you need. Maybe if i would doodle some pics on my list, I would be able to decipher my writing better! love,andrea

  2. I wonder where all your eggs went? into the tummies of some hungry teenagers perhaps?!
    Your grocery list is adorable!

  3. Oh Andrea I love that idea! Think I'll add it to my crafty wish ticket pile....

    ...and about those eggs! Their absence was more than worth the enjoyment we got out of watching four teenagers explore the fine art of making omlettes!!!

  4. That is so happy! It makes me WANT to get groceries. That reminds me, I better make up a list for the week...