Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Made Crafty Wish #1 - Pick-a-Lily Fun!

Technically I did not make a Pick-a-Lily today but I will be making a listing of one in the shop. First, however, I'll share a bit about them and what makes them one of my all time favorite projects.

While I'll admit to my fair share of frustrations during the early days of creating them, I can now say I thoroughly enjoy the entire process.....from painting their little faces,

 to adorning them with an assortment of bits and baubles,

and finally selecting a name by which to call them.

If you've been following along you'll know that Lily Maida here is my most recent Lily. She was outfitted with a kerchief and tussie mussie.

Others, like Lily Maud, prefer straw hats and baskets for their flower picking adventures.


Winter wanderers require a woolen cape to keep cozy.....


.....while more domestic Lilies stay close to home and task. They can most often be found keeping house,

practicing the needle arts,

and caring for their four legged friends.

Regardless of their personalities they all come wrapped in a shiny bow.....

.....and ready to be your pincushion friend!



  1. I love your piccalillies and want to make one soon using your tutorial. My problem is I'm scared to paint the face. Could you sell some heads all painted?

  2. Hi Natalie Jo, really enjoy your Blog. One day in between making my artist designer bears,I will give your tutorial a go.
    I have started up a blog and really enjoying the process of sharing.
    check it out at

  3. After following along with your tutorial I really appreciate the work and love that you put into each Lily. They are adorable:)

  4. Thank you, thank you everyone for such kind words!!!

  5. I love your pincushion dolls. They are wonderful! Do you ever sell them?


  6. I do! I've got one or two in the shop right now and a few more in the works. Most of the ones pictured in this post, however, have already been welcomed into new homes and are hopefully giving a hand in sewing adventures!!!

  7. I also love the PickaLilies!! They are so cute, I don't know how Natalie could ever give them up!!!!