Thursday, May 10, 2012

Made My Bed

Today when I made my bed it made me think.

It made me think how much better our room is looking now than it did several weeks ago before the re-do...thank goodness!!!

It made me think I might want a bit more color on the bed like this patchwork quilt by Nicki Trench.

It made me think I might want a bit less a bit less color on the walls like "White Marsh" or "Gently Gray."

But then I remembered to think twice before I jump into any big projects so I went downstairs and made some tea.


  1. Make the quilt!!!! That would be so wonderful! Suzanne

  2. ( I agree with Suzanne!)
    Just to tell you, your description of your daughter's experience is exactly what went on here. Except we have NOT tested for celiac...she doesn't want to go back on the gluten.
    The change was overnight, too!! Crazy! And now she is healthy and happy!! I'm learning to bake gluten-free...steep learning curve there!

  3. I'm buying paint for the living room this weekend...something very pale. It's a north facing room and needs to be made lighter and brighter. Oh the decisions:(

  4. Oh Mary are brave to take on the painting...good luck! I'm beginning to suspect Suzanne and Martha have convinced me to have a go at the quilt soo however!